Understanding Mediation

What is Mediation?

  • Mediation is a process whereby an independent, neutral person (the mediator) helps the disputing parties to find a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute.
  • The mediator does not operate like a judge and does not impose solutions on the parties.
  • The mediator will discuss the issues with the parties and help them bring about a solution to their dispute.
  • The process is informal, confidential and private.
  • Mediation agreements reached can be enforced through the courts, if necessary.
  • Sometimes, resolutions require the payment of money from one party to another, but, on other occasions more creative, non-monetary solutions, can effect a settlement that benefits all parties to the dispute.

Why is mediation more useful or effective than litigation?

  • Mediators have more flexibility than judges to achieve creative dispute solutions.
  • Mediation is quicker and less expensive than litigation.
  • Mediation gives the parties a stronger voice in resolving their dispute.
  • Mediation is private and can save or heal relationships that litigation destroys.

Who are our Mediators?

Our mediators are top ranked former judges and experienced lawyers with special mediation training and skills. The parties can select their mediator or have us help with the selection process.

What types of disputes can be mediated?

Any type of dispute can be mediated.