Arbitration Consultant

What is Arbitration?

  • Arbitration is a process whereby a neutral person (the arbitrator) decides a dispute between the parties in accordance with applicable law.
  • The arbitrator may be appointed in different ways. Sometimes a contract provides for the appointment of an arbitrator; other times, the parties may agree to appoint their own arbitrator.
  • The rules of the arbitration may be set in advance, agreed by the parties or set by the arbitrator. We can suggest rules, if you wish.
  • The arbitrator is a skilled practitioner who will decide the dispute and provide a reasoned decision which will be final and binding on the parties and can be enforced through the courts.

What are the advantages of a Juris Arbitration?

  • Our arbitrations are quicker, cheaper and more focused than a court trial.
  • Our arbitrator will manage your dispute at a pre-hearing conference and streamline the issues, witnesses and evidence to insure an expeditious and efficient hearing.
  • Our electronic evidence portal simplifies and speeds up hearings by allowing you to upload your documentary evidence to our secure server and from there to disclose the evidence to your opponents and to the arbitrator in advance of the hearing.
  • Our secure server allows you to quickly and efficiently display your documentary evidence to the arbitrator and all parties at the hearing.
  • Our arbitrators will provide a written decision within 30 days of the conclusion of the arbitration.