Selecting a Mediator


Our panel comprises experienced legal professionals who have been trained to facilitate the settlement of disputes. Their skills lend themselves to resolving disputes of all kinds, even those of an unfamiliar nature.

Some parties will want a mediator who is experienced in the area in dispute. Others may want a ‘new face’. Both approaches are acceptable and can achieve excellent results.

The key to resolution is a mediator who has the trust and confidence of each side. We therefore encourage parties and their representatives to be flexible about selecting their mediator and to bear in mind that the independence and neutrality of all members of our panel is the benchmark of our service.

When you contact our office about mediation, you will be given the option of selecting a mediator from our panel or having us select a mediator for you. We think that it is best for the parties to agree upon a mediator but if you need our help, we will assist you.

All communications with our office about the choice of mediator will be conducted in the strictest confidence.