Selecting a Mediator


Experience and Expertise

We have a distinguished panel of arbitrators who are available to decide your disputes in accordance with applicable law. Each is a jurist or lawyer with impeccable legal credentials whom you can trust to decide your dispute impartially and fairly.

Confidential selection process

All discussions about the selection of your arbitrator will be handled in the strictest confidence by our office. No arbitrator will know anything about any of the preliminary selection discussions by the parties with our office. If the parties cannot agree an arbitrator, we can appoint one.

Mediator support for arbitrator

Before, during or even after an arbitration, one or both parties may wish to explore the possibility of settlement. Resolving a dispute by agreement is generally advantageous to all parties. The problem for an arbitrator is that to engage in settlement discussions is to risk compromising neutrality and judgment.

To protect the arbitrator, we will furnish a mediator on demand to help resolve the dispute while the arbitration is proceeding. A mediator can conduct negotiations at convenient times without delaying the arbitration and thus avoids prejudicing the arbitration, the parties or the impartiality of the arbitrator.