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Preparing for Arbitration

At the outset of the arbitration process, the Arbitrator will provide the parties with his personal Terms and Conditions explaining the basis on which he will conduct the requested arbitration. He will then take charge of the resolution of the dispute and schedule an Initial Case Conference with all parties.

At the Conference, the Arbitrator will review the dispute and establish the ground rules for the preparation and conduct of the Arbitration. The intention is to allow the parties to prepare and present their case and receive a fair hearing while resolving the dispute in an expeditious and cost effective fashion.

In the event that there are issues to be resolved between the Initial Conference and the Arbitration hearing, the Arbitrator will hold case Management Conferences to resolve such issues without delay.

Once the arbitration hearing date is selected, the Arbitrator will use Juris as the Arbitration Administrator. The Parties will be responsible for depositing a Commitment Fee with Juris to allow the Arbitrator to reserve hearing dates for the Arbitration. Juris will assist the parties to make arrangements for the hearing, including rooms, catering and any other requested services or equipment. The parties will contract directly with the providers for such services and be responsible for payment of same.

The parties will be able to use the Juris encrypted and password secured portal to upload essential documents needed for the arbitration hearing and to present the same at the hearing without the cumbersome and time consuming use of document binders and bundles. Parties will be able to present their case to The Arbitrator with simplicity and economy via laptops and screens.

Juris will provide administrative support to the Arbitrator throughout the Arbitration.

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