Judge Alison Lindsay (r'td.) Panellist

Judge Alison Lindsay (r'td.)


Alison has 16 years’ experience in the Western and Munster Circuits, specialising in land, conveyancing, probate and family law disputes. She also has six years’ experience as a member and chair of different tribunals that dealt with employment appeals and assessing compensation for persons infected by tainted blood.

In her role as a Circuit Judge she dealt with litigation of all types but developed a particular interest in family disputes including those relating to property and finance in divorce proceedings. Allison has studied and lectured on family law issues and chaired the Circuit Court Family Law Committee until 2016.

Alison provides an independent, fair and objective approach to resolving employment, divorce, family and probate disputes.


1973: B.A. History & Politics U.C.D.

1975: Barrister at Law, King’s Inn

1996: Bar of England & Wales


1984-1989: Member, Employment Appeals Tribunal

1995-1996: Adjudicator, Hepatitis C Tribunal

1996-2016: Judge of the Circuit Court

1999-2002: Tribunal Chair: Inquiry into HIV & Hepatitis C infection of persons with haemophilia

2006-2016: Judge of the Special Criminal Court

2012- 2016: Chair, Circuit Court Family Law Committee.


Alison is married with four children. She has, for many years, been active in L’Arche, an international organization providing support for people with intellectual disabilities. She currently serves as Chair of the organization’s International Stewardship Board.

Allison speaks French and has an interest in film, theatre and art. She enjoys daily swimming, regular hikes and is no stranger to the gym.