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Wherever your dispute is in Ireland, Juris offers the parties the opportunity to resolve important disputes privately and professionally at convenient locations through the services of a trustworthy, independent and knowledgeable retired judge or experienced lawyer.

Cases that we handle include:

Professional Liability Disputes

These include allegations of negligence against professionals such as doctors, hospitals, lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors, estate agents, contractors and others.

Employment Disputes

These include complaints of unfair dismissal, discrimination and other employment issues.

Tort Liability

This includes injury to person or damage to property, defamation, trespass and nuisance.

Insurance Disputes

Such disputes involve 1st and 3rd party insurance contracts, liability cover and indemnity issues.

Contract Liability

These disputes may involve construction projects, partnership disputes, private contracts and consumer disputes including sale of goods.

Commercial Disputes

These include government procurement contracts, domestic or international agreements, company disputes, construction and land disputes.

Family and Matrimonial Property Disputes

These involve valuable family and business property, land, pensions and business assets.

Miscellaneous disputes including Wills and Trusts and tax disputes

Resolve important financial disputes privately and confidentially with the help of former judges and top lawyers. Enquire Now!