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Mediation Suitability Evaluation

Is your dispute ready for mediation? We don’t want you to waste money if your dispute is not ripe for mediation or if other parties are not ready to mediate. Let us conduct a free, confidential, mediation suitability evaluation with all parties.

Early Neutral Evaluation

Bring your dispute to us before you spend thousands of pounds in litigation or in trial. Have each side explain its case to a neutral panellist and get independent and knowledgeable feedback about your case. You will learn about your case weaknesses and strengths and you will benefit from the insight of an experienced but neutral expert.

Mini Trial

If your dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, let our experienced legal practitioners conduct a mini trial to allow you to gain the insight of how your case might be decided.

A mini trial typically lasts a day with each side presenting its case through a lawyer either with or without witnesses. The parties agree the format. The intent is to expose the heart of the dispute to a neutral evaluator and to gain insight from a confidential, independent evaluation.

The neutral evaluator won’t decide the dispute but will discuss and explain his or her impressions of the evidence and legal issues. In this way, a mini trial can reveal strengths and weaknesses that can help resolve disputes short of a full scale and expensive trial.

Fees for Other Services

There is no charge for the Mediation Suitability Evaluation by Juris. Panel member fees and Juris Administrative fees for Early Neutral Evaluation and Mini Trial will be tailored individually to your case depending on the nature, complexity and length of the proceeding requested.