Juris Resolutions Complaints Policy

Juris is committed to providing quality service to all clients and to maintaining high standards of professional conduct in the provision of all ADR services.

Our complaints policy is to ensure that:

  • Making a complaint is easy and straightforward
  • All complaints are treated seriously and sensitively
  • All complaints are dealt with promptly
  • Every complaint will receive a response that is proportionate to its seriousness
  • Responses may range from informal to a formal written response

Informal Complaints

Any participant in an ADR process may make a verbal complaint to a panel member or to Juris. The latter are required to address the matter immediately and informally and to ensure, where possible, that the complaining party is satisfied that the issue has been satisfactorily addressed.

The panel member must report the complaint to Juris management who will keep a record of such complaint. If Juris feels that further dialogue is appropriate, either the panel member or one of its Directors will contact the complaining party and make a good faith effort to resolve the matter in issue.

Formal Complaints

An individual may make a written complaint to Juris. This is considered a formal complaint. This can be by letter or email to a Director or to casemanager@jurisresolutions.com. It should set out full particulars of the matter in issue and the remedy, such as a change of procedure, apology or other relief sought.

Written complaints will be promptly acknowledged and Juris will provide either a preliminary response or an explanation of why additional time is required. Juris may, at its option, speak with the complaining party as part of this review process. Juris will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the complaint is fully addressed within 21 days of receipt. The decision of Juris will be signed by a Director, will be final and will be communicated in writing promptly to the complainant. Juris will keep a full record of all formal complaints.

Effective date: 1 January 2022