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Guest Speaker Appearance At PEOPIL Conference

Martin is delighted to be speaking at the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) Conference in London on 7th September. Martin will be on the panel discussing ‘Mediation in Personal Injury Cases’ and sharing his knowledge of over 40...

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Understanding the Economics of the Litigation

It is essential that the party representative has reliable information about the legal costs (fees and expenses) incurred to date and the costs likely to be incurred if the case does not settle. These costs are an important part of the settlement equation and must be...

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The Presence of Decision Makers is Essential

A mediation is unlikely to be successful unless those with the right and the power to make a settlement are present. This means that the plaintiff and the defendant must be present. If either party is an entity, an authorised representative must be present. Sometimes,...

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The Contents of a Good Mediation Brief

A good mediation brief should be a reasoned statement of the party’s case, backed up by reference to facts, witnesses, documents or any other forms of evidence as well as, where appropriate, a discussion of applicable law. Writing a good mediation brief is an advocacy...

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