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Should a Mediator be Facilitative or Evaluative?

There is much debate among legal professionals and indeed mediators as to whether a good mediator should be facilitative – that is someone who merely facilitates negotiations between the parties without imposing any personal opinions on the negotiations, or evaluative – that is someone who provides an opinion to the parties and/or who encourages the parties towards his or her view of an appropriate resolution.

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The Contents of a Good Mediation Brief

A good mediation brief should be a reasoned statement of the party’s case, backed up by reference to facts, witnesses, documents or any other forms of evidence as well as, where appropriate, a discussion of applicable law. Writing a good mediation…

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Advanced Mediation Skills for Lawyers

Good written and oral advocacy skills help the mediation process to work successfully. Having skillful lawyers involved in the mediation process helps mediators get cases resolved. Lay clients involved in mediation can also benefit from these…

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The Benefits of Arbitration

Clients and lawyers often believe that a court trial is the only way to resolve a dispute that cannot be settled. They proceed along the railway lines of litigation…an endless track of expense, delay, discovery disputes and eventually

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