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Mediator Training and Accreditation: The Irish Solution

By Alva Brangam Q.C. A Mediation Bill has reached the parliamentary committee stage in Ireland. The legislation has its origin in a detailed report of the Law Reform Commission to whom an impressive number of interest groups made representations on how the evolving...

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Thoughts on Alternative Dispute Resolution

By Sir Paul Girvan It is a sad reality of life that people get involved in disputes. The resolution of such disputes has traditionally involved litigation and use of the courts. However, while the courts should be capable of resolving disputes expeditiously and cost...

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Mediation of Matrimonial Property Disputes

By Richard Solomon B.L. When a family relationship breaks down, deciding how to allocate the family resources can be a difficult and emotionally charged problem. The traditional form of resolving such a problem has been through litigation in the courts. However, it is...

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Mediation of Employment Related Disputes

By Judge David Smyth Having a satisfying job is the foundation of secure life. If bad things happen to an employee in the workplace, that security can be badly damaged. Conversely, where the owners of a business invest their funds and energy in building a successful...

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