Mediation Fees


The cost of your arbitration comprises the arbitrator’s fee and an administration fee. The arbitrator’s fee includes both a hearing fee for each hearing day and hourly fees for other services provided. The parties will share the fees and any expenses equally unless otherwise agreed. The following explains the services you receive for these fees.

Arbitrators’ Fees

Each arbitrator sets their own fees represented in the table below. The daily hearing fee is the fee for each hearing day or part of a day. The hourly fee is for all other arbitration related services.

Arbitrator Hourly Fee Daily Hearing Fee
Sir Paul Girvan £325 £2,500
Alva Brangam Q.C. £250 + VAT £2000 + VAT
Mark Orr Q.C. £250 + VAT £2000 + VAT
Judge David Smyth Q.C. £175 £1,500
John Morrissey B.L. £175 £1,500
Sir Paul Girvan
Hourly Fee £325
Daily Hearing Fee £2,500
Alva Brangam Q.C.
Hourly Fee £250 + VAT
Daily Hearing Fee £2000 + VAT
Mark Orr Q.C.
Hourly Fee £250 + VAT
Daily Hearing Fee £2000 + VAT
Judge David Smyth Q.C.
Hourly Fee £175
Daily Hearing Fee £1,500
John Morrissey B.L.
Hourly Fee £175
Daily Hearing Fee £1,500


Where the amount in issue exceeds £500,000 or where there are complex issues or more than three parties, the Arbitrator’s fee will be set on an individual basis after discussion with the parties.

If the Arbitrator is required to travel more than 25 miles from the nearest Juris office, the parties must share the arbitrator’s reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

The Administration Fee

The Juris Administration Fee is £120 per party. This includes the following:

  • Convenient online booking and payment
  • Professional guidance and support throughout the process
  • Use of the Juris server to upload, serve and display documents for your evaluation
  • If the parties wish, Juris will reserve rooms for the evaluation


When the arbitration hearing is set, Juris will invoice the parties for (1) the administration fee and (2) the hearing fee, which will comprise the daily hearing fee multiplied by the number of estimated hearing days. This invoice must be paid upon receipt to secure the arbitrator’s services for the case. There will be additional invoices for the arbitrator’s hourly fees and expenses, which must also be paid on receipt and the final invoice must be paid before the arbitration award is issued.


  1. The parties are responsible for the cost of rooms, catering and other arrangements for the Arbitration hearing but these may be arranged with the assistance of Juris.
  2. Please see the full Terms and Conditions for payment and cancellation requirements.