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Belfast Office
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Juris Resolutions Limited

Belfast Office
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The Mediation & Arbitration Specialists

What we do

We resolve disputes efficiently and effectively from first contact to final resolution. We provide a panel of fully qualified and skilled mediators and arbitrators who will manage and resolve your dispute in a private and professional manner at a convenient location. Our personal and online services make the entire process simple, efficient and client friendly.

Juris mediation is not suitable for separation, maintenance, custody or small value property disputes. It is suited to disputes over valuable family and business property, land, pensions and significant business assets.

Types of disputes we handle

Our mediation and arbitration services offer parties the opportunity to resolve disputes relating to employment, contract, commercial, professional liability, insurance, family and matrimonial matters.


  • Save the time, expense and stress of going through the courts.
  • Resolve your dispute privately and creatively.

  • Our outstanding panellists will decide your dispute justly, efficiently and privately.
  • Our encrypted, secure, online portal allows you to upload, deliver and display your entire case without the wasted time, expense and inconvenience of paper files.
Other Services

  • Free mediation suitability evaluations.
  • Early neutral evaluation of your case by our experts.
  • Mini Trials.

Meet our mediators and arbitrators

Sir Paul Girvan

A Guide to Arbitration

Alva Brangam K.C.

Mediator Styles and Skills

Richard Solomon B.L.

Mediating Matrimonial Property Disputes

Patricia Carvill M.B.A.

Thoughts on Mediation

Brian McMullin, Solicitor

About Mediation

Henry Toner K.C.

Using Mediation for Matrimonial Displutes

John Morrissey B.L.

ADR Solutions for Construction Disputes

Suzanne Moran, Solicitor

Advantages of Mediation

Rosemary Connolly, LLB, LLM.

Mediating Employment Disputes

Latest News & Articles

Should a Mediator be Facilitative or Evaluative?

There is much debate among legal professionals and indeed mediators as to whether a good mediator should be facilitative – that is someone who merely facilitates negotiations between the parties without imposing any personal opinions on the negotiations, or evaluative – that is someone who provides an opinion to the parties and/or who encourages the parties towards his or her view of an appropriate resolution.

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Using the Mediator to Advantage

Mediators prefer to be facilitative rather than evaluative. This is because no one can know a case as well as the party presenting it, and a mediator who presumes to do so risks making a serious error of judgement.

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